Reena Liberman

Reena Liberman, MS, DST

Welcome to the professional website for the sex therapy portion of my practice. This site will introduce you to my general philosophy on sexual health, tell you about myself, review all the areas of treatment I offer, and explain the process of evaluation and treatment. Please let me know if you'd like additional information.

General Philosophy

Sexuality is a powerful force in our lives, and one that can contribute to deep, satisfying, and enriching relationships. Because it’s a powerful and formative force, it can also complicate and compromise our lives and relationships. Problems with sexuality can detract from the satisfaction you seek in a relationship and also can distort and damage efforts at intimacy. A lack of intimacy can lead to misunderstandings and seemingly irresolvable differences. By addressing these misunderstandings and problems you can improve your sexual health and relationships.

There are many factors and experiences that occur in our upbringing and in our adult lives that influence our sexual health. These same factors also influence our sexual behavior and determine what we know about our sexuality. They include:

Many influences combine to form a sexual self-image that impacts sexual health and functioning. Talking with a professional about these matters can help you develop the kinds of pleasurable, safe, and consensual sexual activities you are looking for and that are the hallmarks of sexual health.